TUESDAY 10 SEPTEMBER: “Uzbekistan: culture, economy, and doing business”

The Eastern-Europe & Central-Asia commission of the Royal Industrieele Groote Club  in accordance with The Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan would like to invite you to: 

“Uzbekistan: culture, economy, and doing business”

The event

The Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Benelux is organizing a business event in The Industrieele Groote Club in Amsterdam on the 10th of September 2019 in cooperation with The Eastern-Europe & Central-Asia Table. The current ambassador His Excellency Mr. Khakimov has cordially invited multiple Uzbek companies and individuals to support the event, these include the electronics manufacturer Artel as well as traditional craftsmen- and companies active in the production of silk and cotton products. The event will include a presentation by Mr. Khakimov about doing business in Uzbekistan, as well as presentations by above mentioned companies and supporting individuals. These companies will be displaying their wares and further go in to the topics of how the import and export is organized in Uzbekistan, as well as customs, recent changes in the legal field and laws, and also experiences in dealing with other EU countries.

Background of Uzbekistan

The Republic of Uzbekistan occupies around 32.8 million citizens, and had an estimated GDP of 239 billion dollars in 2018. The main religion is Islam, which accounts for around 80% of the population, followed by Christianity at 9.4%. Currently the large sectors of the economy include agriculture, the production of cotton, as well as commodities like gold, copper, silver, iron, uranium, coal and natural gas and energy production. Uzbekistan is the 5th-biggest exporter of cotton and the 7th-largest producer of gold in the world. Renewable energy accounts for more than 23% of the country’s energy sector including hydroelectricity (21.4%) and solar energy (2%). Agriculture accounts for 17.4% in GDP. The economy has shown stable and robust growth ever since 2003 at around 7-8%. A survey done by the global bank HSBC has predicted that Uzbekistan will be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world in future decades.

Programme outline

18.00 -19.00 Drinks in the bar and Clubzaal of the Royal Industrieele Groote Club.

19.00- 20.00 Lectures in one of the auditoria on the second floor (Library, Dam room or Grote Zaal).

20.15 - 21.30 *Walking dinner/buffet on the second floor offered by the Embassy of Uzbekistan.


Contact details

If you would like to establish a business-to-business meeting before the event, please send an email to: info@oeca.nl

Registration and payment

If you want to register, you are kindly requested to do that preferably not later than at Monday 9 September 2019, 11.50 AM.

Presentations including one welcome drink € 10,00 pp

Traditional Uzbek walking dinner/buffet offered by the Embassy of Uzbekistan, including presentation and two drinks:  € 10,00 pp

For payment of the above-mentioned amount(s) please make a bank transfer to:

Stichting Oost-Europa & Centraal-Azie Tafel NL35RABO 0304187836, with ref: "1009" and your personal name and e-mail address for the confirmation. Instead of “@” you can mention: “at”.

Registrations without personal e-mail address cannot be confirmed. For each person please mention an individual e-mail address (according to the regulations of the Royal Industrieele Groote Club). If you do not mention for each participant an individual e-mail address, the confirmation cannot be made.


Annulation for the dinner: before 9 September 11.45 AM 100% refund. Annulation as of 9 September 11.45 AM no refund.

Annulation for the lecture: before 10September 11.45 AM 100 % refund. Annulation as of 10 September 11.45 AM no refund.

Payments received only at the day of the event (10 September) cannot be administrated anymore. In case you decide to register and pay only at the 10th of September, please send a sms to: +31 6 2180276 to inform for who and what amount you have paid. You will receive by sms an answer if your reservation still can be confirmed or that the lecture is fully booked.

 For practical questions you can send an e-mail to: info@oeca.nl


* We would also like to state that the programme as is stated on the invitation can be subject to change according to last moment wishes or unfortunate events.

The Eastern-Europe and Central-Asia Table therefor cannot be held accountable (in whatever way) for any unpleasantries or dissapointments on the basis of this invitation.